Fun With Funfetti.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Ona and I were cruising through the toy store, and she laid eyes on a shopping cart and immediately started pointing at it.  I think she remembered playing with a similar one at a friend's house a few weeks back.  My girl and I are the grocery shopping duo in the family and she gets pretty excited about it every week, so I knew she would think a shopping cart was the bee's knees.  After snagging it for her, we assembled it today during nap time and tried to think of something "grocery" that we could celebrate with.  What better than funfetti?
So we set it all up and were giddy for her to wake-up.  Seriously, it may have been the first time ever that I secretly wanted to go and wake her up early from a nap.  I think our over excitement got her a little nervous, as she seemed hesitant to our urging to come into the kitchen.  What, two parents over emphatically waving their arms in excitement after a long nap wouldn't freak you out either, right?  Thankfully, she got over it and started a dead sprint to the kitchen.
  And got super excited when she saw the shopping cart cake box in the cart.  Gotta love 'em toddlers.
We then laid out an old blanket on the kitchen floor to get our funfetti cake baking on.
 First up, mixing.
Then came greasing and filling.
While the cake baked and cooled, Ona got a lesson in shopping cart driving from daddy.
This after she rammed her cart into the stove, refrigerator, and just about every wall in the house.  We initially ordered this cart because of the awesome reviews.  I am not kidding when I say the night that we ordered it, I had a nightmare that every single wall, appliance, and piece of furniture in the house looked as if it had gone through a fist fight.  After today, I say, thank you Lord for the nightmare sweet dream.  The hassle of returning the cart is nothing compared to the destruction that would have occurred.  Instead, we got our mess on in the form of frosting.
And it was a pretty sweet mess.
Topped with sprinkles and a frosted kiss.
 The cake brought Kerry and I back to elementary school birthday treats.
Wholly imperfect, but delicious none-the-less.

For parents looking to make a cake with an almost eighteen month old, we might suggest... have all of the ingredients measured out ahead of time (we didn't and wished we had), use plastic utensils/bowls, spread something like an old blanket on the floor for super easy clean-up, and be prepared for a bit of a mess.  

My heart, along with my belly, is so full after funfetti baking with my girl, dried frosting in hair and all.


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