Vintage Bike Racks.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I may or may not have ever told you something about my husband.  He is ridiculously creative and exceptionally handy.  Seriously, I may be more of the creative motivator, but he is the executor.  Without him, I think that our house would be patchy painted walls decorated with crooked frames and a whole lot of ideas would be locked in my heart.  Thankfully, he takes my crazy ideas and makes this house cozy.  This next idea, though, was all him.  He originally pinned this idea nearly half a year ago.

Over the past six months he scored a couple of vintage crates--an old dynamite one off of ebay and a Graf's this past fall during one of our marketing adventures.  Kerry started working on making his own bike rack version with them awhile back, but got a burn to finish them today.
Kerry was hoping to use these for our road bikes.  He also wanted to accommodate storage for our road biking gear--clip-in shoes, glasses, gloves, helmets, etc.  His idea was to make half circle cut-outs at the bottom of the crates and then use leftover wood for the shelving.
 He used foam rubber stripping to protect the bikes from the wood.  My only contribution to the whole project was helping hang the beauties in the garage.  They turned out so sweet.  Ready for a picture proud wife overload?  Okay, good.
I made Kerry take the awkward, "pose with your creation" shot.  Totally that wife.
They are just so different, functional, and vintage.  Consider me smitten.
Three cheers for handy husbands!  Oh, and if anyone is wondering about that random square piece of drywall.  Let's just say that not only is painting not my forte, but neither is knowing how far to pull in the car apparently.

Okay, maybe I should say three cheers for handy and grace-filled husbands.



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