Friday, December 21, 2012

The combination of the world not ending and the first snowfall of the year meant ... sledding!  Last year Ona was just a wee one, so today was the first time that she could enjoy the white playground. 
Kerry and I have always had a love/hate relationship with our backyard.  It is fairly steep, making it somewhat of a challenge to mow, build a deck, etc.  However, we found the perfect use for the slope-age.  It involves a vehicle made of pink plastic, a dad who looks a bit like Big Foot in every photo, and a toddler who likened the experience to topping out a Viper.  Ready for it?
It was all giggles until mommy tried.  Let's just say we both got snow in unmentionable places.  Who knew maneuvering a cute little sled would be such a challenge?  I blame it on baby girl for making us side heavy.  #pregomommyexcuses.  The aftermath pictures sort of looked like this.
I wouldn't say Ona is a super fan of snow, as she tends to be overly and hilariously sensitive to temperature.  So getting cold snow in her face and on her hands isn't her idea of fun.  Her general reaction is to wave her hands frantically and say, "Ah, ah."  Really, somebody remind me to catch a video of this someday. 
Overall though, she had a good time and it rekindled a childlike memory in Kerry and I of frozen cheeks, but sweaty armpits after playing in the snow.  You know what we're talking about!
Thankful tonight for hot chocolate, warm slippers, and the start of a long Christmas break with the family!



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