Family PJ Day.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Somedays are just PJ days.  They happen once or twice a year around these parts and today happened to be the epitome of a PJ day.  Dreary, cold, rainy ... a pensive kind of day.  Was it just Kerry and I or did you also spend an enormous amount of time in thoughtfulness and prayer regarding the latest school shooting?  It evoked all sorts of conversations, the least of which surrounded our desperate need both now and always for Jesus.  Whew.

Anyways, we found ourselves in comfies most of the day playing around the house, watching a few Christmas kid shows, driving princess cars ...
Oh, and making a couple homemade meals too!  For dinner, I slaved added ingredients to the bread machine for milk bread to go with our favorite potato soup recipe.  I have made milk bread at least twenty times and it always comes out fabulous.  However, my favorite big girl got to tinkering behind my back. #itsallfunandgamesuntilyoumesswithmybreadmachine.
Haha.  Ona got to pushing a few of the setting buttons (ever since my bread machine almost whirled itself off of the counter while kneading, I always bake bread on the floor) without me knowing.  It looked awful, but tasted okay.  I love my toddler, I love my toddler.  While we let this baked beauty monstrosity cool, we broke out the crayons for family coloring time.
 Then things started to get crazy.
And then Ona threw all of her crayons on the floor and said, "Don."
So she had a pre-dinner snack while mom + dad finished their masterpieces.  Yes, snacking toddler + coloring parents.
Here are our finished creations.
Thankful for no make-up, carefree family days.  

Anybody else catch that Kerry's masterpiece had a certain rivalry theme that may or may not be challenged tomorrow afternoon?  He drew the thought cloud above the green + gold laden, smiling Grouch in anticipation of a killer commentary after tomorrow's game.  Go Pack Go!


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