Cookies + Cocoa.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

This past week we hosted a little neighborhood cookie + cocoa party.  About twenty neighbors came over with Christmas cookies to boot.  We supplied the hot cocoa (recipe here) and the reindeer poop (recipes here and here).  Once neighbors started to arrive we didn't have a spare moment to snap any more pictures, but here was the mini set-up and the sweet man host.
 Mint chocolate Merry's + hot chocolate was a huge hit.  #twomonthstillmerrysforme
One of my favorite things about hosting events is collecting new things to host with. 
I picked up these serving thermoses and they worked out beautifully.  I justified the purchase by convincing the hubs that I am totally going to be the mom that brings the hot chocolate to cold soccer games in a few years.  The reindeer poop was a hit and my weakness.
If the belly looks a bit larger today than three days ago, I blame it on baby girl this deliciousness.

Nine days 'till Christmas!


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