Christmas Cards.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This year I really didn't have a specific direction for our Christmas card.  Last year, we did a letterpress print of Ona that read something along the lines of, "Our Christmas present came ___ days early."  But this year I wanted to try something new.  Over at the print shop I have been working with this crazy cool, new paper that, with an outrageous amount of pressure, melds into an extremely thick stock.  However, each individual sheet isn't much thicker than cover weight.  So, I got to designing.  Kerry really wanted to include a family picture.  We used one of our favorites from our family photo shoot this fall.
I took the jumping theme and ran with it.  So the card reads,
"Jumping for joy this year over our hilarious little girl, a sweet baby girl on the way, and a baby boy born in a manger.  Wishing you the merriest!"
After the photo was digitally printed on the card, we ran it through our foil stamping press.  The end result?  Shiny gold goodness.  Next up was a run through our die cutting press to be punched out in a five inch circle.
Lest you think that is my manly hand, my dad helped me through a bit of the harsher processes aka: two thousand pounds slamming into my delicately curated, thick beaut.  Thanks dad!
I wish we could have sent each of you one.  If only the post office had coupons I could clip, dangit.  So here's our virtual Christmas card, wrapped up in a big squishy hug and licked sealed with the merriest Christmas wish to you and yours.
Oh, and if you are wondering about the method, here's a link to bit more about the process and a little video that my dad and I shot of using a vintage drill press to make the stock thickness.

Six days 'till Christmas!


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