Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whoops! There have been a lot of posts of our favorite big sister lately.  The reason for the lack of non-daughter related posts is probably because (a)that girl is running around like crazy, which makes us run around like crazy, but probably more likely because (b)there have been some major changes going on with our print shop.  If you didn't notice the new logo (thanks to the lovely Lindsay of Lindsay Letters), we changed the name of the print shop, moved 80,000 pounds of equipment out of a second floor studio space and into an old building a town away, curated a new website and social media empire, and have virtually flipped our entire world upside down--in a good way.  You can now find us known as Locust Street Press.  We would be more than thrilled if you would swing by our new website, stop by our facebook page, or gasp snag our latest tweets.  It has been a whirlwind, but I can finally say that it feels as if it is settling down and life is returning to some semblance of normalcy. 

I kinda love having a dorky outlet for my often pent up creativity via our new print shop blog.  I considered merging the two blogs, but Kerry reminded me that not everyone in the world wants to see posts about Ona's latest adventures.  The nerve.  Needless-to-say they remain separate and I think that is okay.  I say all these things to let you know that we have had some sweet projects going on around the house that I cannot wait to share, as well as a super exciting give away [the first on our blog!] planned for next week.

Happy Election Day!  Anyone else with me in thinking that we are a nation that needs a whole lot of grace today and always?

Oh, and we finally decided on baby girl's middle name, so let the puzzle planning begin!


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