Thursday, November 1, 2012

No we didn't dress our daughter up as some freakishly girly version of Frankenstein and named her Onenstein, all because she walks with her arms out, oddly similar to that of Frankenstein.  Or did we?
We couldn't resist.  Ever since Ona began to walk we have lovingly referred to her as Frankie, as she always walks with her hands out in front of her.  She has improved immensly over the past week, so the costume isn't quite as applicable, but we thought it would be fun anyways.
We used two V8 Fusion bottle caps for her neck bolts and drew Frankenstein's hair on her bitty, punk rocker hat.  I pinned a couple scrap pieces of fabric to a thrift store vest we had on hand and dressed her in all black. 
I am pretty sure she was thinking, "I cannot wait to be able to talk, so I can tell mommy and daddy what I want to be next year instead of wearing stupid costumes like this."
We have had way too much fun dressing her up the past two years.  Look how little she was last year as a roller derby girl!
By the end of the night this girl had snuck in one Kit Kat and a whole lot of ham.
And not the kind that comes from piggies.  Kerry made a silly video of our Onenstein.
So, anyone else think that it is strange that we tied bottle caps around our little girl's neck? The more I think about it, the crazier we seem. Ha. Love this girl.


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