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Sunday, November 11, 2012

We love random.  Random adventures, random things, random fun and lately random art.  It comes as no surprise then that we have a gallery half complete room chocked full of random art waiting to find their home in Ona's new room.  After snagging a few samples, we decided on Dutch Boy's Vintage Vineyard for her room and had it color matched to our favorite, Pittsburgh Paint.  I didn't even need to pull out my preggers excuse for Kerry to offer to paint the room a few weeks back.  Yea,  any painting projects I attempt typically wind up in a hot mess and my husband knows this.  He's my soul mate [name that movie].  While he was at it, he installed crown molding too.
I am in lurve.  For the first few days we would just stand in the empty room basking in the Vintage Vineyard glory.  Then that whole nesting thing set in and I found myself feeling frantic to get this decorating party started.  We have a long way to go, but boy girl do we have some art.  This piece of art we snagged at Marshall's a while back and wound up becoming the reason we chose the grayish purple color scheme.
Don't really know why we love it so much.  The colors are different than what we normally go for, but we think it screams Ona.  Totally girly, and plays off the colors in the hanging lantern we picked up on a road trip this summer.
Remember that random rose art we picked up garage sailing?  It needed some serious tlc in the form of cleaning and frame painting.  I went with mustard and love how it looks with the wall color.
Then I caught the nestingcraftingbug last week and dismembered a handful of plastic animals.
And punched out butterflies out of prospective paint sample cards.
And used a mini canvas + nails + yarn to create.
When gathering all of the supplies for this nesting busyness I stumbled upon this hook at Hobby Lobby, and it made my heart go pitter patter.
Anyone else finding Hobby Lobby's new decor outrageously awesome?  Speaking of awesome this little gem came in the mail last week.
It is an 8" x 10" canvas compliments of the fabulous people behind Printcopia. I have always loved this picture of Ona and her monster.
I was giddy when it arrived with it's painted purple edges and general loveliness.  It is a welcomed addition to the random art pile patiently waiting to somehow be pulled together into something functional and beautiful for our favorite big sister.

Oh, and when I said that the masterminds behind Printcopia were fabulous, I really meant it.  So fabulous that they not only provided Ona a pretty canvas, but gave me one to give away to one of my sweet readers.  That's you!  Here are the details.
  • UP FOR GRABS: (1) 8" x 10" Canvas Prints compliments of Printcopia.
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post by clicking on the dotted circle at the top of the page and if you are feeling up to it, tell me what you would love to have canvased.
  • CLOSES: Friday, November 16th at 9pm CST.
  • WINNERS: One
  • CANVAS SHIPS: The United States.
  • TIDBITS: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. will choose the winner and I will announce it on Saturday morning, November 17th.
Note: This post was sponsored by Printcopia and in exchange for telling all of you about their sweet products, I was given an 8" x 10" canvas.



  1. Hi Heather,

    I would love to enter your canvas giveaway but I can't figure out where the dotted circle is at the top of your page. I see one -- but when I click on it nothing happens. I'm not feeling very smart at the moment :) I love reading your takes me back to how beautiful my freshman floor was! You have a gift :) I hope that you are doing well.


    1. Audra! Thank you lovely lady. ;) No worries, you have entered! The family and I are doing great, thanks so much. Hope you are doing well too! The next time you come out this way to visit the family, you'll have to let us know. Would love to see you and meet your hubby!

  2. I can't wait to see what the room looks like :) The canvas is adorable!


  3. Well I am always up for a good give away. This one was a hard one. After much thought (I almost did not try for it because it was so difficult), I decided to go with the rooster picture. On Gavin and my first anniversary, Gavin treated me to professional pictures and one of the pictures is of Gavin and I holding a medal rooster. Random I know. As you know I am not one to have pictures of Gavin and I around our house (the only one we have was given to us by our wedding photographer as a gift), but if I were to put another one up it would be of that.
    As I am writing this my mind is become very convoluted with ideas. I also consider a Johnson family picture. This picture consists of Gavin, myself and his siblings jumping off a wall by red rocks.
    There you have it. I will end before I think of other uses. After all this is a probability game. Cant wait to see the room. Love you all.

  4. Great giveaway Heather! Well, I'd love to have a photo of my three-month baby girl canvased! :) Can't wait to see the final result of the room!

  5. I would love to canvass my gorgeous Sophia. She turned 17 months old last week. There's this awesome pic of her laughing & drooling. It's perfection :)

  6. Great ideas, Heather, and looks like a beautiful big girl room in the making! I, too, would love to canvas my little one. She turns ONE next week! How did that happen?!!



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