St. Louis Babymoon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kerry and I scored two tickets to a game between our beloved Green Bay Packers and the St. Louis Rams this past weekend.  It was in St. Louis, so instead of waking up at the crack of dawn on Sunday and racing down to the noon game, we begged barely had to ask grandpa + grandma to watch Miss Ona for the weekend.  So, we got up at the crack of dawn (anyways) on Saturday and trekked the four and half hours south.  We purposely didn't make a plan, aside from requesting the official visitors guide a month before for reference.  Neither of us had ever really spent much time in St. Louis, so we were excited for a random adventure.  We kind of let our heart and stomachs guide us.  First stop was in The Hill neighborhood at Guido's for some local fare.  Apparently fried ravioli is a St. Louis thing.
It was pretty delicious.  Kerry tried Schlafly's (a local brewery) Pumpkin Ale too.  After stuffing ourselves with lasagna and baked pasta, both of which had a sweet sauce that we loved, we headed towards the Cherokee Antique Row neighborhood.
It was about six or seven blocks long of odd little shops, mostly antiques, but eclectic too.  We snuck our head in a handful.
The only thing we walked away with was a little plate to add to my evolving dining room plate collage collection.  By evolving, I mean I am up to three...
We snagged it at a little shop called Bella Antiques.  Right before we left, we stopped in the little letterpress shop of Paper Boat Studios.  Amy, the owner, was super nice and of course we had fun kibitzing about letterpress dorkiness.  Next stop was Anheuser Busch for their infamous free tour.
We thought it was super interesting and ginormous.  I loved all of the old architecture and Kerry thought the packaging area was pretty sweet.  
No really, after spending the last nearly five years of his life packaging granola bars for a living, he really thought this was sweet.  I love my nerdy man.  We stayed in the Delmar Loop neighborhood at the fabulously modern, yet vintage Moonrise Hotel.  It was steps from the famous Blueberry Hill restaurant, where we had dinner.
For being so quirky, the food was surprising good.  Next up, Packers!  After breakfast we headed downtown for the game.  The dome stadium is about a half mile from the St. Louis Arch and the mighty Mississippi.  Pretty pretty for sure.
 There were as many Packer fans there as Rams fans, so needless to say, we felt at home.
It was a pretty entertaining game and the Packers won, making the day even better.  Before heading out of the city we swung by the arch to snap a few photos.
It was astoundingly gorgeous out for the end of October.  And we couldn't resist taking a cheesy, oh yeah we have now been dating thirteen years photo.
It was a blessing of a weekend.  A nice second babymoon of sorts.  The funny thing is we missed Ona like craaaazy.  We called and asked if the grandparents could try and make her stay up so we could see her before she went to bed.  When we came around the corner and saw that her light was still on, we simultaneously aww'd in excitement.

Well, now the four month long haul until miss _____ is here. Oh, and if you are anxiously awaiting a new name puzzle. We're on it.


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