A Well Fought Battle.

Friday, October 5, 2012

As much fun as we think it is to have a weekly, now monthly, photo of our big girlie, at some point we have to realize that the feeling may not be entirely mutual.  Take this evening's fourteen month photo shoot for example.  
 We should have known by show of her smoochy, "I don't wanna" face that this was going to be a bit of an adventure.  Annnd you know we love us some adventure.  This, however, was war. 

 First tactic, ruin backdrop.
Second, run.
Bright idea!  I will "be" the fabric and Ona will want to sit on the "fabric's" lap.
Hilarious husband, epic fail.
How about some hair bows to help ease how much you are hating this?
Right idea, totally wrong props.  How about the "worked last time" camera lens cap trick?
Loved it for a minute, but then.
Okay, have the hair bows and the lens cap.
The first smile!  Kerry, act like a crazed monkey while I steal the odd props and fingers crossed snap a decent photo.  If only the walls could talk.
It was a rough one, but in the end mom + dad snagged a narrow, half-smile, profile shot, mini victory.  It's funny how, in the moment, it was a teensy bit frustrating, but we look at these pictures now and fall more in love with our stubborn, determined, hilarious fourteen month old.

Now, to beef up the ammunition for next month.  I am thinking ... crackers.


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