Ona on the Playground.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A family morning found us at the park and Ona's first time cruising the playground on her own with daddy following close behind.  She is a lover of swings and before today, going down the slide with one of us.  However, today was the first time she went down the slide all by her self!  We took a silly little playground video of the momentous day.

Before we know it, she'll be hanging upside down on the monkey bars... which I totally thought was fun once.  Now, when I try to imagine my little girl doing the same, it kinda makes my stomach spin.  For now, I will relish the time spent keeping her from chomping on those rouge mulch pieces. 

p.s.  The prolonged hiney shot around 0:43 was totally intentional.  I love that man.


  1. She's so cute :) Norah is terrified of the slide so far and doesn't even like it if we accompany her. We tried having her go down it on her own once... I think it gave her nightmares lol

    1. Haha, aww. She'll learn to love it someday. ;)



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