Birthday Number Twenty-Seven

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another year clicked by and I somehow awoke this morning as a twenty-seven year old.  I am not usually a nostalgic or heartbroken birthday celebrator.  In fact, I usually take birthdays in stride, loving the little niceties that family and friends heap on you one day a year.  However, this year I did feel a little pull on my heart strings.  For some reason twenty-seven bothered me just a smidge and made me realize that thirty is looming.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with thirty, just made me set back a moment and think about life.  Buuuut I didn't set back too long, as there was just too much to do!  Every handful of years, my birthday falls on Labor Day, making it all the more special.  So yesterday, Ona woke us up early and so we headed out for breakfast.  First stop was a local bakery/restaurant.  I had a spicy chicken + egg sandwich, which sounds weird, but it was pretty delish.
Then off to Marshalls, because who doesn't love Marshalls?  The workers probably thought we were nuts, as we arrived before the doors even opened.  Yes, totally those people waiting in the parking lot for stores to open on Labor Day.  We snagged a piece of artwork for Ona's big girl room.  Can't wait to begin working on that space!  Then our sweet friends stopped by and we all headed out on a fourteen mile bike ride.

After our Colorado friends introduced us to Strava, it is now our go to app to track our walks/rides/runs/etc.  Kerry's distance rang in at 14.2 and mine at 13.8, so we averaged it to 14. ;)  It was a bit sweaty, but full of conversation that made it go so quickly.
Yes, you can totally make fun of me for being the only one with a helmet.  Hey, I've got a baby to protect!  Ha.  Speaking of babies, my big baby loves her bike trailer.  Kerry scored this one for cheap on Amazon awhile back.   Although it was 90+ degrees, everyone humored me and went to Edwards Apple Orchard for some hot cider (for me), doughnuts, and fudge. 
Back to our house for some take out barbeque, fondue, and an ice cream cake.  Are you sensing a food trend here?  Sooo bad, yet so good.

I went to bed feeling overwhelming blessed and am really looking forward to what this twenty-seventh year of life brings.

p.s. Kerry and I love biking with people, so if anyone is interested in starting biking, or joining in on a ride, we'd love it!


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