Ona Turned One.

Monday, August 6, 2012

We celebrated Ona's first birthday yesterday.  It was such a blast!  Here is our big one year old in her party dress.  I wound up making peace with Miss Sewing Machine and she spat out this cute dress.
Seriously, I had no idea a one year old's party could be so fun. We wound up with just over twenty adults and three kiddos in attendance and there were hardly any leftovers.  To make it easy on ourselves, we went with personal size pizzas (cheese, pepperoni, or supreme), fresh fruit, chips n' salsa, and a few little snacky items.  For dessert we sought out the deliciousness that is Sugar Jones Bakery for oreo cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, and two mini cakes.  It was totally worth every pretty penny.  We kept the decor pretty simple with some hanging lanterns and a Project Ona fabric banner.
The cupcakes were truly delicious.  So pretty, easy to serve, and soo easy on the taste buds.
We also ordered a little mini cake for Ona's "smash cake."  For ten bucks we couldn't believe how cute it was.
We stuck with her name theme because ONE & Ona Lea = one years old ... get it?  Gosh, way too dorky for my own good.  Ona loved the cake and was so dainty about eating it.  She first dipped her fingers in and offered it to the crowd of onlookers.
So polite.  Hehe.  Then she gingerly dipped her fingers in the frosting and licked it off of her hands.
I really don't think she loves being overly messy, so like any great mom, I took her hand and pushed it through her cake to really get this party started.
She kinda got into it then and seemed to enjoy herself.  Did you see her sweet party hat?  Our friend Corrie actually made that for her out of Project Ona fabric to match the theme of the party.  Corrie and Ona actually share a birthday and she came from Denver to celebrate.  Since she was away from her family and hubby (thanks Gavin), we made sure she had a special cake too.
Here's a better photo of them from the party.
Ona received so many adorable gifts.  Dresses, toys, books ... we are blown away.
I ended up making a duvet cover (twin size) for Ona's big girl room.  It was a labor of love and I have to give a huge, smoochy kiss shout-out to my wonderful husband for sticking with me and helping me cut fabric, layout the design, and for being a huge support in general during my battles with Miss Sewing Machine.  Here's how it turned out.
The backside is really my favorite part.  Kerry and I sat down and wrote a little note to Ona for her first birthday and then had it made into fabric.  We had two yards of the fabric made at Spoonflower.  I wound up sewing it as the back of the duvet cover.  We thought it could be something that Ona reads as she snuggles into bed each night.  Like a secret love note, just for her.  It probably means more to Kerry and I than Ona right now, but we simply wanted her to know just how special she is.  This is what it says.
We had it made into a repeating pattern and I sewed a border, so the backside really looks more like this.
Some people have wondered why I went with a duvet cover instead of a quilt.  I just thought it might be something that tear Ona will grow out of someday.  When she does, she can easily remove the duvet cover and store to (hopefully) show her kids someday.  Anyhoo, that was the culmination of the Project Ona fabric.  Ona seemed to like it.  She immediately started pointing at all the squares and said, "Dat, dat."
I think my favorite part of the day was just getting to spend it with our family and friends celebrating our favorite one year old.
Okay, maybe it was a tie with the Ona's First Year video that Kerry spent lots-o-hours on.  He did such a sweet job on it.  Just a warning, it is fifteen minutes long, but a sweet (from a biased momma) fifteen minutes for sure.

Happy birthday to my sweet baby big girl.  We loved celebrating you!


  1. I just LOVED seeing the pictures and AWESOME job on the video Kerry!! It was so amazing. I think I smiled through the whole thing. What a little sweetie! Congrats on #2! Joe and I are so excited for you guys!

  2. Wow. Absolutely loved the video!! Great job Kerry and Heather. You have a beautiful family and it will only get better with time. Just lovely. :)



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