I forgot.

Friday, August 24, 2012

So the secret is out, baby number two!  We feel outrageously blessed, overwhelmed, excited, nervous... basically a big ball of emotion about it all.  One thing that I kinda forgot about having another baby is having another pregnancy.  Crazy, I know.  God had this fanatical way of erasing my memory of the whole process, in light of the sweet little baby we received at the end.  Ack!  Really, I cannot complain, not-even-one-teensy-bit.  I thank the Lord every day for my non-throwing up/overly nauseous/overly cranky pregnant self.  However, the other day I, sort of to myself, said, "Ah, why so much crazy acne all of a sudden?"  My sweet husband, gently replied, "You're pregnant."  Oh yeah, I forgot.  Haha.  If I had one tiny moment to tell the difference between this pregnancy and the last it is that I am a lot more tired this pregnancy, mainly due to the fact that I haven't been able to sleep as well.  I tend to wake up multiple times a night lately, probably due the outlandish dreams I have been having.  So if I ever ask you if I accidentally told you what names we were thinking for our baby, while simultaneously riding mountainside in a train car with my father-in-law, gently remind me that it was only a dream.  However, this tiredness coupled with winding down the summer with friends and family, I have been remiss in documenting the last few weeks.  Here's a photo recap.

We played in the 30th annual Mud Volleyball Tournament for the Epilepsy Foundation. Kerry's family has played for about ten years now.
Took our first hike in a couple months due to the outrageous summer heat.  Seriously, it is so not fun wearing a twenty something pounder in a hundred degree heat.
Went to the zoo and the park with friends.
Went to the good 'ole county fair and Ona won her first blue ribbon.
Learned how not to ride in Target's extra large carts.  Is it just my child?
Ona learned to drink from her own CamelBak, amen.
And rocks out the cutest skinny jeans, ever.
And loved her first tire swing ride.
A busy few weeks down, but now ready to get some big girl room planning done to make way for baby number two and a few other random house projects along the way! 


  1. So excited for you guys and love the picture update.

  2. Those jeans ARE stinking cute! And so are her shoes :-)

    1. Target's baby girl clothes are killing me this fall!



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