A Story of Three Suckas.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I know, you can't even picture me saying suckas, right?  Ha.  Imagine it with a Midwestern girl, not-one-ounce-of-ghettoness-in-my-bones accent.  Eww.

Now that you have that in mind [teehee], about four Sundays ago, Ona and I went on a little succulent adventure.  We were looking for something to place on the sweet window sill that Kerry framed when he finished the kitchen backsplash.  After Ona tried making friends with a few prickly options, yikes, we ended up with three Echeveria Mazarines.  Never heard of 'em?  Us either, but here's what they look like.
We thought they were kinda cute.  I had some little glass pedestal bowls [$1.99 from Old Time Pottery] floating around the house, so we used those to plant them.
I waited a bit before talking about them because I wanted to ensure that they met my brown thumb standard.  In other words, they haven't died in the last month, so anybody could keep these babies alive.  I guess I should call myself a brown, leaning toward green thumb, as these three now join four other living plants in the house.  Or maybe I just choose really hardy plants.  Whatever the case, we love how they have dressed up the window ledge.
  Did you see the one on the far right even bloomed a flower? 
Oh, and a shot from the middle of the kitchen.
If you're wondering Echeveria Mazarine's are supposed to have well drained soil and are pretty hardy.  Obviously, my choice to plant them in those glass pedestals isn't exactly supporting the well drained soil requirement, but they seem to be doing fine anyways.

Anybody else a sucka fan-the word and/or plant?


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