Garage Sailing

Saturday, June 23, 2012

On our Thursday Family Day, we did a little garage sailing.  We haven't snagged Ona any new (or new to her) toys in quite some time.  So, we were on the hunt.  After a few duds, we landed on a couple ones that were right up Ona's alley.  For a grand spankin' total of $8.50, here's what we came home with.

LeapFrog Alphabet Pal.
It has four different settings.  Depending on which one you have set, when you push on the little alphabet feet you hear the name of the letter, the sound of the letter, the color of the foot, or a song.  Babies R' Us sells an updated version.  Ona seems to like it.  Her favorite seems to be the song setting.  She pushes one foot, moves on to something else, then comes back to push another when the song stops. 

This stack of mainly cardboard books was so needed. 
Ona likes to be read to as long as she can move around.  She is definitely not a sit and snuggle kind of lady.  Lately though, she wants to help turn the pages, bite on the book, etc.  Cardboard books stand up to this kind of treatment love, so much better.

Last we snagged a wooden block version of a Fleur Rollercoaster. 
Ona isn't quite ready for this one yet.  She gets frustrated because she tries to pull the blocks off to play with individually, and obviously that doesn't work so well.  Poor girl.

Any other garage sale finds out there?  We had every intention to stop at a couple today, but we got busy working on some details for Ona's first birthday party.  Ah, I can't even believe she is going to be one in just over a month! 



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