Train Wreck Collage.

Monday, May 7, 2012

This is a story of a mommy and daughter, who instead of doing things they ought, found themselves mulling the isles of TJ Maxx for some frame inspiration.  I am the mommy and Ona is the daughter [in case that was confusing].  Kerry works all day on Sundays, which leaves Ona and I a free day to do whatever we like.  That is dangerous.  There were probably so many things we should have been doing--cleaning, laundry, ironing [okay, that never happens anyways], etc, but TJ Maxx just seemed like more fun.

Remember our little road trip to Colorado a few weeks ago?  Well, we snagged a couple pieces of $2.00 art when we were shopping downtown Denver one day.  Really, they were just individual pieces of vintage calendars, but a couple caught our eye and for $2.00, we couldn't go wrong.  Here's one of them.
We basically have a love affair with trains.  We rode one to Montana on our honeymoon, we are yearly members of our local train museum [dorks ... I know], we just looove trains.  Kerry thought this particular one was neat because of the military tank riding next to it.  It is a very masculine piece and I was a little worried that just framing it might seem like a weird doesn't-fit-in-with-the-theme-of-the-house poster.  So, I had an idea to slice it up and fit it into multiple frames.  My hope was that it would be a bit more artsy, and not so well, cold.  So, first I trimmed the art to remove that white border.  Then I adhered it [just with scotch tape] to a really soft, feminine, handmade paper that we picked up at Paper Source awhile back.  Then I cut 'er up.
At this point I was kind of peeing my pantalones.  Mainly because measuring things to make them come out perfect is so not my strong suit, and I just cut up a piece of art that Kerry really liked without asking him.  I guess at this point there was no turning back.  So, I laid out a frame arrangement that I liked and put the artwork in.
 I really liked it, but again, didn't know if Kerry would.  So, I didn't take any of the tags off and Ona and I would just come look at it every once in a while and say a a little, "Daddy, please love this." prayer.  Well, it worked and he in fact loved it.  His first reaction was, "You cut up the art?" ... "Cool."  Whew.  He loved the collage me so much, that he even stayed up super late to help me hang it after our babes went to sleep.  I thought it would be sweet kind of above where that old scale is.  We had to say say adios to that beauty because wobbly scale + baby on the move = disaster.  This area is at the bottom of the stairs, directly left of the front door when you enter from outside.
I kind of forgot when I purchased all of these frames that most 5" x 7" frames are made to set on things, and not to hang on walls, so Kerry gleefully graciously added wall hangers to all nine frames.
Then like collages of yore, we began in the middle and worked our way out.  This is what we ended up with.
 I love it.  Can you see the train + tank?  For once, I was able to master my matchy collage phobia and make a bit more funky one.  It took Kerry and I a second to realize that the frames are not necessarily all even because we were matching up the artwork inside of the frames.  Here are a few close-ups.

And from upstairs looking down.
And looking towards the front door.
I know random frame collages aren't every one's cup 'o joe, but I love 'em for their challenge.
 I think our little train + tank collage made the rather cold, bleak art a smidge more festive and artsy.

What do you think?  Anyone else ever cut something up that your husband loved without asking him? 


  1. Thanks friend! I can't wait to see your new home. I'll bet it is just gorgeous!

  2. Hi Heather,
    We are very interested in talking to you about your home interiors blogging. My colleague has sent you a private email. Hopefully you'll get it (check your spam folder if you don't!) and would be so kind to get back to us.

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