Just Shy of Nine Months.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Our little baby girl is just shy of nine months old.  Ah!  It is weird to think that in a matter of a week, she will have been out of the belly longer than she was in.  Sorry for the visual.  Our big girl has had some new developments.  Like, she now has two teeth.
Now more than ever she likes to chew on everything.  Her chew toys that we keep in the fridge are probably her favorite, but that doesn't stop her from chopping on ottomans, tables, my belts ... this girl is an everyday,ruthless carnivore.  Her toofers haven't seemed to bother her at all yet [we are so blessed]. 

Ona is sooo close to crawling.  We are soaking up these last few moments of non-mobility like a cactus sucks up the last bits of water from the infrequent rains. 
And she hasn't lost one ounce of her hammyness.
Well, next up is walking, college, marriage ...


  1. Crawling is so fun and so exciting, but certainly soak up these last moments of a baby that didn't get across the room at the speed of light haha



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