Excuse Me, But You've Got A Cheerio...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!  It is an astoundingly gorgeous day here in the good 'ole Midwest and I am blessed to spend it with my favorite girl.
While she takes her morning nap, I thought I would take a moment and let her know what she's taught me in the last 283 days.

Ona has this uncanny ability to brighten just about anybody's day.  She constrains her smile from no one, even the grumpy looking old man picking out his peaches this morning.  Sometimes I dread taking her out, because I am not kidding when I say it takes at least twice as long to get through the grocery store.  She just has this innate ability to make eye contact, smile, and start a conversation.  Ironic, since her speech is limited to about fifty different noises and screeches.  What I have learned from her is that boldness is beautiful.  She doesn't know how to prejudge people or situations, so to her, everyone is worthy of a smile and a kind word giggle ... something I sometimes forget in my hurried days.  

Ona has taught me that rest is needed and of value.  She is a go getter, but take her nap away and she can get a lot cranky.  However, when she naps and wakes up, she is ready to go again.  I know this is a kid's way, but recently it has made me re-think my pace of life.  I am always on the go, and I have noticed that when I take a moment to rest, spending an intentional moment with the Lord, I always find myself feeling refreshed and ironically tend to be more productive.

Ona has taught me that there is joy to be found in most everything.  She is fascinated by the littlest things- tags, forks, cheerios, soft blankets, the flowers by the mailbox, you name it.  Sometimes as an adult, I lose my sense of wonder and awe.  Seeing life through her little eyes, makes me remember to be thankful for the little things.

Okay, okay enough cheese.  I sure do love my baby girl though.  Did anyone catch the title of the post and wonder what it had to do with my mommy sappiness?  Kerry has to work today, so we celebrated Mother's Day yesterday and him and Ona spoiled me.  We all went to a Milwaukee Brewers game, went thrifting, and stopped for some great coffee.  However, as we were leaving the stadium with my mommy diaper bag in tow, a woman comes up to me, grabs my arm and whispers in my ear, "Excuse me, but you've got a cheerio stuck to your bum."  If that doesn't scream, "Happy Mother's Day," I don't know what does.

Oh, and I had a bag from Anthropologie waiting for me this morning.
Picture me giddy.  Inside was my first plate to start off my random plate wall collage like the ones I have been pining over on Pinterest.
And a sweet, vintagey mug with the letter "h" on it.
Ona sure knows the way to my heart. 

I am so thankful to be a mom and wish all the moms (mine included) a super wonderful, blessed Mother's Day!


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