55 Years Later.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This past weekend my grandparents celebrated fifty-five years of wedded bliss.  To celebrate, we hosted a little celebratory shindig consisting of take-out Chinese and homemade dessert.  Delicious right?  The reason for the take-out was that they enjoyed Chinese after their wedding fifty-five years ago.  And let's be honest, who doesn't love take-out Chinese?  To get the party started right, a local florist made a bouquet of fifty-five peachy roses.  It was ginormous and beautiful. 

Then a little playtime with their favorite [and only] great-granddaughter.

After the delish Chinese dinner, we sunk our teeth into this.
It's an old fashion ice box cake.  You know, old fashion, old-er grandparents, just kinda the way I roll.  I was inspired by this recipe post.  Mine certainly isn't as beautiful, but it certainly hit the spot.  If I could add my two-sense into what I would do differently next time.  (a)I would let it set for the full twenty-four hours [I only let it set for about fourteen or so]. (b)I would let the cream set a little longer [mine was a smidge runny]. Overall,  looks aside, it really was scrumptidditallyumsous.
Oh, and if you are thinking of making this beauty, budget about $12.  Two packages of Nabisco chocolate wafers were close to nine buckers before the cream, etc.  It was a pretty fun group.
My parents are the ones on the way right of the photo [if you couldn't tell the resemblance].  We're pretty much all twins.  My brother is the uber tall one in the back and I think he is slouching.  Yea, we always throw out the mailman joke when we talk about how he is a head taller than everyone in the family.  Sorry bud.  The ones to the left of my grandparents are my uncle and aunt (my dad's older brother). 
I think the angle of the camera exaggerates the space between the two piece painting above the piano, but oh well.  We have big plans for this room, but for now it serves as our hey, let's set the camera on the stair ledge and take a group photo room.
Oh, and here are the two lovebirds after fifty-five years.

Aren't they cutesy?  

It was a fun evening and they said one of their favorite things was getting to celebrate with four generations.  It's crazy to think that on our fifty-fifth wedding anniversary, Kerry and I will be seventy-eight and Ona's kids' kids might be there.  Weird.

Happy #55 Grandpa & Grandma!


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