Weekend Visitors.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

On Friday and Saturday we had visitors, and we love us some visitors.  Our sweet friends, Matt and Jacklynn, remember when we visited them here, and their baby girl, Norah, came to visit.  Since we visited them there in Florida, they have officially moved back to the good 'ole Midwest.  We had a chance to visit them in Indiana around Christmastime. 

Our girls were so thrilled to meet each other.  Although there is only about two months difference between the two, Norah seemed so much older.  She could sit and Ona couldn't.  She could play with toys and Ona couldn't quite yet.  Well, it is funny what a difference four months makes.
They were so cute together.  It was rather fascinating to see how the two interacted.  Norah is much more verbal and can crawl around Ona, who as hard as she tries, can only spin herself in a circle.  The two had to learn how to share toys.  Norah, being the mobile one seemed a bit more aggressive, but I think it is probably Ona's personality too.  She didn't seem to mind too much if Norah took her toy, she just moved on to something else.  Daddy's personality much?  Us moms tried to teach them about sharing and tried to get them to roll a ball between them.  They did it for a second and both got a kick out of it.  Here are a few snapshots of the girls after Ona's weekly photo.

 I think this one is my favorite.
The hand on the back cracks me up along with Heather's bunny ears.  Well, we didn't just take photos of our girls all day [even though that is something we probably would do].  On Friday night, we just stayed in for dinner and played Ticket to Ride.  It is a sickness. Whenever friends come over who've never played, we have to teach them.  It was fun, 
 I won.  Then Saturday morning, Kerry made some delish breakfast sandwiches and then we gave the Fry family the ultimate there is nothing too much happening on Saturday mornings in Boone County, so let's go to the auction in the goat barn experience.  Yup, we hauled our guests to the auction for some random fun.  We stopped to take a peek at the creepy dolls.

Then Ona made a new friend.What?  We are just encouraging Ona not to discriminate based on looks.  Ha.  Then Matt, Kerry, and Norah found something interesting.There are no words.  I am pretty sure at this point Jacklynn was ready for us to stop subjecting her daughter to such madness.  So with a last group picture, we headed to a local car show.The vintage car show was great.  There were so many interesting and unique old cars.  It made Kerry and I want to fulfill our dream of driving the whole old Route 66 in an old car sooner than later.  Ona liked checking out the all the people and Norah took a long nap.  She woke up in time for a quick photo shoot before we left.After lunch and a long walk, the crew headed home.  It was bitter sweet and Ona liked banging on the car window, as if to say, "Don't go, don't go," but with a smile and no tears.  See what I mean?It was a fun, random weekend with the Fry family.  Gosh, the next time we see them I bet our girls will be racing around.  Crazy.


  1. We had such a great time visiting! Such great hosts!
    Norah, Kerry and Matt's auction find was certainly one of a kind! Love it :)



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