We Love Mountains.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

So, the lack of posts this past week was because ... we road tripped to Colorado!  It was a much needed little breather from life and we really are feeling refreshed and a little lighter [not physically woah delish food, but in all other regards].  We stayed with our sweet friends Corrie, Gavin, and their little doggie, Lenny.  Gosh, can we say incredible hosts?  Seriously, we are so thankful for their friendship and the little details they planned to make our stay super great [hello organic chocolate milk, baby yogurt, and homemade sangria].  This pretty much sums it up.We hiked two days, one in Georgetown, CO, a cute little mountain town with a lot of vintage charm.
And one day in Colorado Springs, CO on the Seven Bridges Trail.  Our friend Katie and her son, Daniel, joined in on the hiking action too!
Ah, we love mountains.  I mean my motion sickness tendency tends to rear it's ugly head when we are driving the gorgeous mountain roads, but something about the beautiful trails always suppresses my  I am going to hurl feelings.  We went and toured the Coors Brewery in Golden, CO one day at Kerry's request.  Find a mildly hilarious photo here that we are totally too cheap to purchase.  We also checked out The Brew Hut and the Golden City Brewery while we were out.  Both of which we would recommend if local micro breweries are your thing.  We visited a lot of sweet little shops and we ate a lot.  Tibetan in Nederland [if you are looking for a 1960's flash back, this town is for you].  Thai.  Pizza.  Jelly.  We girls did a two hour Forever 21 shopping trip, while the guys went on a twenty-seven mile bike ride.
Right before we left, we made one last jaunt back to Golden as a family and visited Buffalo Bill's grave site and Lookout Mountain.

You know a Steines' vacation wouldn't be complete without a big 'ole ice cream, so we left Golden with bellies full of delish, locally made ice cream, which we ate next to these beauties.
I was referring to the tulips, but the other two are pretty great too.  I love that picture of them.
If you were wondering how Ona did on the fifteen hour car ride from Illinois to Colorado and back, the short answer is we are so very blessed.  Seriously, she was a rock star.  We purposely left around her bedtime and she woke up once at four am in the middle of Nebraska.  On the way home, she never left her car seat.  I think all that mountain air tuckered her out!
What a fun, laid back trip.  Thanks again to Corrie, Gavin, and Lenny for letting us crash your place and for being incredible hosts and fabulous friends!
Oh, and be on the look out for the last March Blues Buster Challenge post tomorrow!


  1. Love the post and all of the pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time! What a fun trip. Can't wait to see you next week for small groups!!

  2. Laura! Thanks so much. It was a fun, random time. Can't wait either! It seems like it has been awhile since I've seen you gals. ;) Have a lovely week!



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