Some Big Bunny Peeps.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ever since Ona was born, Kerry has been volunteering with our church youth group and I typically stay at home with our favorite little girl.  Admittedly at first, I kind of felt a little left out and a smidge useless.  After thirty-four weeks of being a mom though, I have come to really love our girls only Wednesday nights.  It usually consists of dinner and playing in the living room with HGTV's Guys of Wednesday Night on in the background.  [On a side note, anyone else think the first ten minutes of Property Brothers is a joke?  Yes this gorgeous house is $800,000 over your budget and you are totally surprised].  Anyways, the reason I blabbered on about this, is that a few weeks ago I was asked to work on a set design for the youth group.  I was totally pumped, as it seemed a bit more up my alley and something that even Ona and I could work on together.  The series, which began tonight, is entitled Peeps and is about the influential people in your life.  Our mission was to re-create a package of Easter Bunny Peeps like this.The set called for the package to be 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide.  So, we're talking some big bunnies.  Fortunately, we had some extra card board
carefully stacked
strewed all over the basement.  And you know I enlisted the help of my handsome sidekick.  Kerry [aka handsome sidekick] free handed the shape of a bunny on the cardboard and we used it as a template for the rest.Since the final product was going to be wrapped, we decided that fiberglass, yellow insulation [kinda itchy] would be the best for recreating the fluffy bunny effect.  So, while I held the insulation and gently tugged, Kerry used his utility knife to cut around the shape of the bunny.Gotta love a man in gardening gloves.  We then used everyday hot glue to adhere the insulation to the cardboard bunny. Pretty simple.I am just going to come out and say it, our basement is currently in a disastrous state after numerous house projects.  It is on our to do list.  The set called for the bunnies to represent four different "peeps" that aligned with the sermon--friends, siblings, parents, and mentors.  So, Ona and I went on a little thrifting + dollar store adventure to find some props.We had a little too much fun in the dollar store.  However, after a few rounds down the aisles there and then at the Goodwill down the street, here were our bunnies.

Friend BunnyKid Sister BunnyParent BunnyMentor BunnyKerry made the box out of a couple pieces of 1' x 6' and a standard sheet of plywood.  I don't have any pictures of that, because I was the official holder of said wood while Kerry nailed.  We painted it with some extra paint we had around the house.  Then we adhered the bunnies with Elmer's Wood Glue to the inside of the box.  The last step was mimicking the logo'd front of the box.  We did this with cardboard we painted gray, and a vinyl sticker of a modified Peeps logo that looks like the junior high ministries logo.  Last step was to wrap the whole thing in plastic stretch wrap.  Here is the final result.These little bunnies were super fun to make and I am super thankful for the opportunity to make something for those cute junior highers.  Now, if they think they're cool, that's to be determined.


  1. Love seeing the final product and hearing how it all came together. They look amazing! How fun!

  2. Heather - they llook awesome! I took a close look right when I got to heartbeat. You two are so creative and artisitc! It makes a great set!

  3. Thanks Katie! They really were so fun to make!



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