Mary, Gary & Walter.

Friday, April 13, 2012

You know we're always up for a random Friday eveningTonight was no exception.  The junior high youth group hosted a dress-up-as-your-favorite-movie-character movie night.  Last year Kerry and I dressed up as Carl and Russell from the movie Up.  Well, since we have three in the family now, we racked our brain for three loveable characters that would go together.  When we went on our little roadtrip a few weeks back, we watched The Muppets.  We both thought it was pretty cute and entertaining.  You know where this is going.  We decided to go as Mary, Gary, and Walter. Ona Walter was the real hit.   Remember what Walter looks like most of the movie?That is what we based Ona's costume on.You gotta scroll back up and see the similarities.  Kerry was adamant about her center part.  Ona and I only stayed for a bit then came home for a few Walter photos.  Ona was getting a little tired of being called Walter and decided to take matters into her own hands.Obviously, I stood back and photographed my daughter sucking on a paper Kermit, resulting in this one-eyed version.My girl ate the eye ball.  Yup, the whole thing is in.her.belly.  Not my high point as a mommy.  She didn't seem to mind though and I have this hunch that I just may come eye-to-eye with it again.  Ha, I love crappy jokes.


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