March Blues Buster Challenge Week 4

Monday, April 2, 2012

March is officially over and thus the March Blues Buster Challenge has come to a close.  It has been so fun to see what you have come up with and it has certainly been encouraging to me [even if March truly was far from bluesy, darn you seventy degree sunny weather].

Submission #1:  Creative Baby Shower Present

Lindsay made this for a friend's baby shower this weekend.  It is a clear egg carton (usually the organic/free range eggs come in the clear plastic cartons) + a label out of cardstock and marker.  Lindsay says, "This imaginary farm specializes in chickens that lay pairs of baby socks instead of eggs. "How cute is that?  What a great idea and who doesn't love bitty baby socks?  Thanks for submitting Lindsay!

Submission#2: Closet Organization

I am mildly embarrassed to show you the inside of our hall closet.  I mean, doesn't everyone have that one catch all place in our house that is the breeding ground for shoes, hats, gloves, breast pumps, umbrellas, jackets, etc.?  Well, we did and it kinda looked like this.Yea, it was ugly.  After seeing all the organization ideas on Pinterest, I finally decided it was time to do something.  I picked up a little hanging organizer.  Now, we each have our own little shelf for our own hats, gloves, etc.  I eliminated all coats and shoes except ones that we use on a regular basis.  Here is the organized look.So simple, but such a big difference.

Thanks again for those of you who submitted to the March Blues Buster Challenge, I've totally loved the ride!  Until next year, happy projecting!

Oh and if you missed the first three submissions, you can find them here, here, and here.



  1. Looks like a blast! I know what you mean about getting sick driving up and down those wind roads. On our way down from one of the mountains the other day I practically threw myself out of the car when we finally got where we were going.

    Seeing pictures of you guys makes me really miss you three! I'm having Matt text Kerry tonight... we need to roadtrip it up there ASAP!

  2. Jacklynn! I know, isn't carsickness like the worst? ;) Hope you had a fabulous time in the mountains. Were you down in the Smokies or? We would love to have you guys! We are pretty flexible with our schedules so just let us know when works for you.



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