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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Have you heard of these warehouses that sell used hotel furniture?  Back in 2008 my dad and I stumbled upon one downtown Chicago and I have been
begging Kerry to take me back since.  A few weeks ago, the grandparents spent some quality time with our favorite baby girl and we went on a random date day, 'cause you know our idea of a good time typically includes some element of thrifting, antiquing, and ice cream eating.  Our first stop was Windy City Hotel Furniture Liquidators.  We have been searching high and low for some new dining room chairs.  We wanted something that would go with our new-to-us mustardy china cabinet.  It seemed like all the chairs we looked at were so expensive.  Seriously, we sort of liked the looks of this Pier1 chair.But at $139.99 [on sale], it seemed a bit too steep for us, especially when we needed 4-6 of them.  So, imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon these beauties.Did you see the reflection in the mirror?  Yup, even hotter than the chairs.  But the chairs, aren't they sweet?  When we first laid eyes on them there was a woman sitting on one of them.  I saw the chairs and then the woman and got all nervous inside.  The lady was pretty serious about the chairs, and we overheard her talking to the store owner.  To make a long story short, she only wanted one of them and the owner would only sell them all together.  Hooray #1.  Then he went on to say something about how one of his salesman misquoted the chairs for $55 a piece earlier in the day, but would honor the price for her.  Hooray #2.  She ended up not going with them, so guess who snatched them up?  Yup, plus one of the legs was a bit loose [nothing that my handsome sidekick couldn't fix], so we ended up getting them for $160/4 chairs = $40 each.  Hooray #3.  I was so excited, I couldn't help stopping on Michigan Ave. for a quick picture.Next we headed to Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture Liquidators.  This place was ginormous.  Don't believe me?  Have a look for yourself. Yeah, it's hard to believe that all we walked away with was a little yellow chair and a large picture frame.  Once we get those placed around the house we'll give a bitty update.  We have certainly loved our new dining room chairs.  Kerry is currently working on a new, larger table to replace this one that we have borrowed for the last three years from Kerry's brother and sister-in-law.  We think that they will fit a lot better with a larger table.  The end chairs are still the free ones I picked up six years ago at a church rummage sale.  We are keeping our eyes peeled for some funky ones to replace those.  For now, we are liking the improvement.So there you have it, four chairs, formerly known as hotel ware, for around the price of one.  Oh, and we would totally recommend checking out any hotel liquidation warehouses that you come by, if not for anything other than witnessing an armchair pyramid in person.


  1. Looks great heather!!

  2. Thanks friend! I think you may have seen them on your last visit. We are a bit behind on our blogging. ;)



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