A Big Change.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hi friends!  Woah change.  I did something that is probably akin to muttering a swear word at the pulpit. I switched our blog from Wordpress to Blogger!  This is pretty much unheard of.  Seriously, try googling moving blog from Wordpress to Blogger.  The results are what are thinking?  After researching this, I seriously waited a few more weeks, mulling over the pros and cons.  My ultimate decision was to make the switch.  We have been with Wordpress for two years.  I feel like it has been a constant battle.  I am a bit simple minded, especially when it comes to technology.  Wordpress was just a little bit over my head.  Blogger just seems to offer the community, SEO features, and simplistic nature that I need.  So here we are.  Some of the new things you'll find are road trip ideas full of link love, a house tour, a better way to connect, a list of my favorite blogs {and how I waste most of my free time}, etc.  I have worked out most of the kinks, minus the transfer all of all of our photos from our old posts.  I should have that all resolved this week.  So, without further adieu, welcome to the new someday, my favorite blog.  What do you think?

Oh, and guess who made a new friend today?
And if you are ever in need, I found this link extremely helpful for guidance in transferring.



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