A Living Room Collage

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You know we love a good collage.  And after Ona's nursery collage and our twenty-five framer this past fall, I had been pondering a way to incorporate another, more funky one into our living room.  The Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition seemed like the perfect opportunity.I have seen some pretty sweet random frame collages on Pinterest.  So, over the course of the last few weeks I snagged a handful of frames from thrift stores.  We picked up two of these long frames and a clock (from TJ Maxx) the same day as the mirror for our skinny wall.  The burlap mat is really what caught my eye.  I picked up a few more frames on that crazy vintage thrift extravaganza last month.  I totally forgot to photograph what they all looked like together, but needless to say, I wasn't a huge fan.  I feel like I am a fairly random person, but for some reason when it comes to collages, I like order.  I loved all the textures, but didn't like all the different colors.  Either way, my solution was to ever so kindly ask the hott man of the house to spray paint them all the same color (Krylon's Carmel Latte) for me.  Again, I apologize for the lack of in process photos, but you know the drill disassemble frame-lightly sand-spray paint-dry-reassemble.  Here is the outcome.
We feel like it makes the space a lot more cozy and personal. We love the warm feeling the new collage brings.  We filled it will all the things we love--photos of our baby girl, family photos, framed love bird art, and various items we have printed at the print shop.I like all the different textures, but how the color brings some semblance of similarity.  All the frames are equally spaced, which again makes the orderly side of myself go pitter patter.  We debated about wrapping that last frame onto the small wall, but kinda like the not-so-common wall placement.I know the random collage isn't everyone's cuppa joe, but we love the direction this room is heading.  We have big future plans for this room like a corner fireplace, crown molding, extra ceiling lighting, a larger tv console, and something other than our long vintage bench for the corner.  Someday.

So, there you have it my first Pinterest Challenge submission.  You can check out the ladies {Sherry, Katie, Erin, and Cassie} throwing the challenge and see photos of hundreds of other sweet submissions.  And if the challenge sounds fun, join the silly local March Blues Buster Challenge I proposed for the remainder of the month!


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