Is It Salami?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Sausage

"Hey, Sam, take a look at what Grandma's sent me - a massive sausage!" shouted Ben to his friend.

"Crikey, Ben, it's almost two metres long!  Can I smell it?" asked Sam.

The two of them sniffed the sausage to see if it was a salami sausage.

"I'm not sure what it is," said Ben.  "We'd better taste it to make sure."

So both of them began to taste the sausage.  It tasted so good, that they had eaten more than half of it.  "Stop!" yelled Sam.  "We'll soon have eaten it all!"

But Ben did not listen to his friend and he carried on eating it.  Soon it was all eaten up and they never did find out whether it was a salami or not!

{365 Stories for Bedtime, 1984 Derrydale Books}

This was a story after a series of stories about Betsie the car.  Let's just say it had mommy and daddy laughing before Ona's bedtime!  Oh yeah, don't forget about the picture of two boys (one of which looks like he is a clown with Pinocchio's nose) standing on either side of a sausage that is taller than they are.  Reminds me of the racing sausages at Brewers' games. Anyone with me?


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