You Make the Most of Me.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I heard Marie Miller's You Make the Most of Me for the first time yesterday.  I have since listened to it
a coupleabout twenty times.  There is something that catches me each time.  I can feel your mystery ... You make the most of me.  These words just struck me yesterday, as I was leaving my very first bridal show for our letterpress company.  It didn't matter how hard I, by myself, tried to be my best to be--the best letterpress spokesperson, the best wife, the best  mom, the best friend, the best you-name-it--I will always fall short.  For me, this song was a way that God spoke into those short comings and whispered, "I make the most of you, I make the best you."  It was a beautiful reminder that my most complete identity is found in Christ.

It's a sweet song, here's the link.


  1. I definitely have that exact brown sweater. I like the song!

  2. Haha, awesome!! When I saw her style I sort of thought of you. ;)



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