"Whitey" our Claw Foot Friend.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

We have named another inanimate object (surprise!) and this time it has claws.  Say hello to Whitey.
Yes, we still have our outdoor Christmas trees in our garage.  Hello, lazy bones.  Whitey is a $20 table base that I picked up out of Jim's barn a week ago on our girl's vintage thrift extravaganza.  We had been searching for one for quite sometime since we bought this table top at JcPenny Outlet.
It sat in our garage long enough to collect waaaay too much dust, but did we mention that it was only $9.99?
It even has a leaf!  We pretty much jumped up and down when we saw it in the store.  Kerry and I had been looking to replace our current kitchen table because it was large and incharge and could poke out a a certain baby girl's eyes because of it's poky ornate feet. Well, back to Whitey.  We cleaned her up, because who knows what kind of life she lived by Jim's.
And it was after she was cleaned up and sanded down that we named her Whitey because Kerry spray painted her Almond (Krylon paint + primer).  So, basically white.  White-ish spray paint = the name Whitey.  Inventive?  Not one bit.  The claws make up for her boring name though.  Kerry then pre-drilled four holes for anchoring her to the tabletop. Well, here she is.
We are digging the light base with the dark table top.  Initially we were thinking of staining the base to match the top, but we quickly threw out that idea once we realized that would mean dark floors, dark walls, dark tabletop, dark kitchen cabinets ... just too much dark.
It is looking a little funny with our metal chairs, but we are in l.o.v.e.  It is quaint and just seems to fit the space better than our old beast of a table.
We also like the look with our sentimental vintage light that once hung in my dad's childhood home.
We couldn't be happier with our girl, Whitey, especially for a price tag of $29.99.  We will keep you updated when we snag some chairs that jive better with the wood light+dark combo.  Hooray for new claws in the family.  The kin that don't require Kibbles N' Bits.


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