Let the backsplashing begin.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Well, I know that the last time I posted about the under cabinet lights I said the backsplash was going to begin the next week.  A few weeks later it finally begins.  The goal... tile put up and grouted by Saturday.  The reality...
 almost all of the tile put up.  Let me explain why.
Originally we had this plan to put about a 4 inch strip of some neat glass tile along the bottom of the backsplash.  The more we started looking at it, the more it seemed to take away from the granite.  Don't get me wrong, the tile looks awesome, but it was just too much happening on the walls.  As a result, we decided to use the copper penny tile as the entire backsplash.  This meant that we were hoping the couple extra sheets we ordered for cuts was going to be enough to make up for the additional space.  Well here is a picture progression...The first day went into putting tile on the wall under the microwave.  This took quite a bit longer than anticipated because of the cuts.  I bought some nippers for the project.  These started of working well by first snapping the backing and bending the metal.  Then by adding a little extra pressure, snap the metal with a couple snips.  Well I don't know if they went dull or if I was just losing strength, but it got harder and harder to cut the penny tiles.  Needless to say, I spent a ton more time cutting than I did laying the tile.  This is what led to the purchase of some metal snips for today's work.  This made today's cuts so easy.  I still used the nippers for the initial break and bend of the metal, but then used the snips to cut the fold in the metal.Today I started the window wall.  (Oh yeah, we trimmed out the window last week too before starting the backsplash)This last picture is me trying to piece together some scrap to see if we can finish it all.  Not quite!  We were 1 sheet of tile short, which meant back to the computer to order it.  So close, but when you plan for one square footage and change your mind last minute knowing it was going to be close, this is the final product.No grouting for us this weekend as the tile from glasstilestore won't be here for a couple days.  Hey, I did get free shipping though!


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