Cabinet Lights.

Friday, February 3, 2012

So ever since we finished the kitchen, we had putting in under cabinet lights on our minds. Since we have the materials for the backsplash, and this needed to be done before doing the backsplash, it was now or never.

Last week Heather posted this photo of Ona helping me.Now it is time to show why she was helping me.

I really didn't decide 100% to start this until about 5:30 Thursday morning last week.  Lying in bed wide awake, I was just thinking of ways to be try to be productive.  Alas... Menards opens at 6:30!  That allowed me to go and get the lights and materials needed while Heather and Ona were still sleeping and getting ready for the day.  I really didn't get going on the project until a little later in the morning, but after lots of staring and figuring how to loop the wire, I finally started drilling to run wires and attach the lights.  I spent Thursday running the lights and some of Friday finishing up the electrical side of it.After not working on it during the work week, last night I tidied the wires inside the glass paneled cabinets and ran the rope light on the top of the cabinets.  Today I filled in the spots in the drywall where the wire was run to the outlets and.... maybe some holes that have been there since finishing the kitchen in May too. :-) Anyway, here is the final result.Well, I think next week will be the week to start working on the backsplash!






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