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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

salt.n.pepper.i.n.g...  Yea, we've completely lost it.  This whole waiting on gal babes thing has gone to our heads.  We've checked off everything on our twice, so now we have been scrounging for things to do.  Remember a while back when we randomly made our way to the Petunia Festival's flea market here?  Well, along with that sweet copy of The Wizard of Oz, we snagged these little love bird owls for $2:: They're salt n' pepper shakers!  Oh, and if you're wondering what that is in the background... I am trying to rehab this crazy plant and currently have it housed in a bowl.  Ironically, it makes for a rather perfect backdrop.  Anyways... here's another look::See how the metal is kind of shady?  The finish was stripped in some places and we weren't really wild about that finish anyway.  So, I called on Kerry aka the one who wears the spray painters hat in the family::He used leftover cream color spray paint that we had on hand from gal babes dresser redo here.  We weren't sure how the cream + amber glass combo would turn out, but we kinda like it.  Kerry loves how you can see their silly eyes so much better now::Yea, I set up a little mock dinner setting to test out our love owls::We're still not sure that this will be their forever color, but it momentarily appeased our nesting need to be doing something around the house and they look kinda cute next to our new date night at home plates compliments of a Kerry shopping spree to TJ Maxx last week.  He picked up a set of four of them $2.99 (small) ea. and $3.99 (large) ea.   See, dad's nest too! 

Oh, and did anybody notice Kerry's sock + sandal combo?  Haha!  It's ridiculous how much I love my dorky husband.


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