one last and ginormous hint.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gal babes will soon be on her way!  The docs are saying she'll be here by tomorrow evening at an estimated arrival weight of eight pounds!  Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers.  We truly are so thankful for you.

We've said it before, but it has been a blast hearing all of the guesses to puzzle::gal babes edition.  As a way to say thanks for playing and for making this such a joy, we thought we'd give you one last and ginormous hint.

Kerry and I wrote a song a few weeks back for gal babes.  As you know, we are big fans of lovebirds ::evidenced here:: and incorporated a subtle bird theme in gal babes' nursery ::closer look here::.   These birdies along with her secret phrase, in many ways, formed the foundation of the song.  So, one evening I played the song on guitar while Kerry filmed her nursery.  It is simply something that we wanted gal babes to have.  We have this secret hope that someday she'll want to show her grandkids her nursery of old ::you know, back when youtube was cool and cell phones were lightning at 3G::.

Here is the song ::and puzzle hint::

Well, did it help?  Thanks for sharing in our gal babes excitement over the past nine months and for forgiving our rarely seen/heard outside of the confines of our home videoing and vocal skills.  Oh, if you cannot make them out, the lyrics are below.


Here we are two lovebirds. This branch we call our home. Perched here singing these secrets of you. They come right from our souls. We’ve dreamed about you and wondered who you’ll be. We’ve predicted the life you’ll live. But this branch is keeping to himself. But we know who you are.

Our one and only. Our one and only. Our one and only. Our one and only.

Like two lovebirds we’ve sat close. And made this branch our home. Our love songs have built these walls. And hold this roof up. We’ve made the room on this branch for you. So come on beautiful dream.

Our one and only. Our one and only. Our one and only. Our one and only.

You’ve got a way of ruffling our feathers. And making this branch sweet. We can’t wait for you girl. So come on baby.

Our one and only. Our one and only. Our one and only. Our one and only.




  1. Great job on the song and nursery Heather Steines & Kerry Steines. You are about to experience the most amazing thing ever. Enjoy it because they grow up so fast. That new baby/ new mommy/daddy feeling is remarkable. Cant wait to hear your news, I'll be thinking and praying for you all.

  2. Yay!! Cannot wait to hear! I will be there all day I"ll be listening for the lulluby!!



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