18 days of being a mom

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Being a mom is the most rewarding, yet challenging thing I've yet faced in this crazy thing called life.  Aside from rocking my world in amazing ways, being Ona's mom has also taught me so much.  After eighteen days, here are a few things that being Ona's mom has ingrained in me::

  1.  I couldn’t do being a mom without my husband.

  2. Whoever invented the nursing bra, I am forever indebted.

  3.  Inventor of the Boppy Pillow…same goes for you.

  4. I now wear drool stains proudly.  Kind of like a yea that’s right, I’m a mom bracelet or something.

  5. I feel the hugest sense of accomplishment when said relative/friend hands me my fussy baby and she instantly quiets down AND like a total failure when she is screaming bloody murder in the middle of Babies R Us.

  6. I am completely offended when strangers refer to my little girl as a fella ::thus the bow obsession::.

  7. 2A.M. really isn’t that awful of an hour.

  8. A drive thru latte and a sleeping baby propel me to take the long way home and enjoy the drive.

  9. Singing silly songs makes everything better.

  10. I feel accomplished if I get a load of laundry washed and dried in one day and folded the next.

  11. I cry more ::tears of joy:: often as a mom.  ::First time singing Jesus Loves Me to Ona = total sob fest::.

  12. Ona teaches me, as much as I teach her.

  13. Every day I learn more.

  14. There’s nothing better than writing a blog post with your little girl in your lap, even if it took twice as long typing with one hand.


  1. Love this! I felt/feel the same way. Congrats on becoming a mommy! It truly is the best and hardest thing all wrapped into one. Ona is a doll!

  2. Boy, do I appreciate this. I look forward to having some insight in the next few months! Thank you, it makes it even more exciting! :o)



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