puzzle::gal babes edition.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In honor of hitting the thirty-seven week milestone ::which officially means that gal babes is full term and could come any day now:: we thought it would be fun to announce her name clues to the missing phrase that will reveal her name.  We spoke of this missing phrase when we completed the collage above her dresser ::read more on that here::. 

Soooo ya wanna play?


As you can see, there are four shadow boxes (TWO above and TWO below) a fabric letter “O”.  There are FOUR missing vinyls that are to be placed on the shadow boxes.  It is your objective to figure out what the vinyls are and in what order they go.

Here are the vinyl hints in no specific order:

  1. An Adverb Ending

  2. An Abbreviation [ex: FYI, TBA, TBD, etc.]

  3. A Number

  4. A Symbol [@,#,&,%,etc.]

Once you determine what the missing vinyls are and place them in the correct order, it will complete a common phrase.  A portion of the phrase, when verbalized, is her name ::think mad gab::.

Because we've made this crazy difficult, we thought we'd give you an example.  Remember, this is just an example.  It doesn't necessarily represent the order in which the missing vinyls should be placed.

Once again, this is a commonly used phrase.

Thank you for indulging in our love of word games and gal babes.  We hope you have as much fun trying to figure out the puzzle as we did creating it.  In a Sherlock Holmes kind of way ... may the best puzzle solver  win figure out puzzle::gal babes edition.





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