last long weekend as only k + h.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long weekends are theee best, especially if they are the last long weekend ever before becoming parents.  Don't get me wrong, Kerry and I are outrageously stoked to be parents, but it was fun to do things on a whim this weekend without packing an extra bag.  However, Saturday was spent assembling all things gal babes including a rocking new stroller and car seat ... already instilling the basics for random adventures in gal babes, check.

[I'm pretty sure Kerry didn't intend to be so matchy, matchy with his short + shirt combo and will make sure I pay someday for publishing this photo without his approval.]

Sunday we woke up early for no reason and felt an urge for a backroads trip.  We made our way to Dixon, IL to check out their Petunial Festival's flea market and meet up with our sweet friend, Erika, and her mom for lunch.  Aside from our three hour lunch ::chocked full of chips, salsa, stories, and general excitement:: we walked away with this for gal babes::We totally fell in love with the cover.  The story of the Wizard of Oz is broken down into twenty-four short stories and for only $2.00 we couldn't pass it up!

Monday ::on a more planned whim::, we found ourselves in Milwaukee.  On a side note, we listened to the top summer hits of the 2000's with the windows down  on the drive up.  Needless to say, we had crazy hair and  Nelly stuck in our head the whole day.

Our final destination of the day was a late afternoon Brewers game.  We had planned to check out The Original Pancake House ::ranked #1 breakfast in Milwaukee::, but it was actually closed for the 4th of July.  Luckily, there was a little outdoor cafe, Cafe Hollander, across the street that ended up being perfect.  Kerry tried their Napoleon Dynamite::He was feeling rather spontaneous, so this combination is scrambled eggs between four pancakes topped with whipped cream, maple syrup, and a handmade white cheese sauce.  He loved it.  I stuck with a short stack and a delicious cup of decaf.Next stop, The Pabst Mansion::Nestled in with what is now Marquette University, the Pabst Mansion was just beautiful.  Aside from the Pabst (as in the brew) family living there until 1908 it has a rather uneventful history.  It is now in the process of being restored via a private organization.  You can find more about the history here.

To kill a bit more time before the game, we wandered along the lakefront downtown::Miller Park is one of our favorite stadiums.  This was the first time we arrived super early, so we walked around the entire stadium.  Kerry had snagged awesome seats on ebay, so we were super close to the action.  We both saw our first in person grand slam, but the Brewers blew a five run lead, so Kerry joked on the way home that this became the highlight of the game::Oh, the Sausage Race!

We ended the night with fireworks back near our hometown.

It was theee best last long weekend as only k + h.  Not that we feel now (or ever will be) wholly prepared, but we're ready for our gal babes to get here.  Twenty-three days!



  1. We have the same carseat and LOVE it!!! Even the nurses at the hospital commented how nice it was. Enjoy every minute!!! :)



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