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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Funny things happen when a nine month pregnant woman is left by her lonesome for a day with her childhood dolls.  Blame it on that whole nesting phenomena, but I spent part of my day playing with my dolls.  Okay, I wasn’t really playing, but cleaning … with a little playing.  Let this be a warning that this blog post may be the most risqué you’ve experienced.  I’m talking bare fabric butts risqué.   You.were.warned.

Well, with that behind us, I’m happy to introduce you to Heather and Lisa::Heather and Lisa were my childhood Cabbage Patch dolls.  I totally wasn’t a Barbie kind of girl, but my parents gave me these two for my first birthday.  They were my best pals.  I kind of liken the relationship to Andy and Woody’s.  I think I had Heather and Lisa displayed in my bedroom until late junior high ::dork alert::.  Well, Kerry and I stumbled across them a few weeks back when looking through some items that my parents had stored.  Needless to say, after fourteen years of being played with and ten years of storage, they were looking and smelling a little ripe.

Sooo, what does a nesting mama-to-be do?  Google searches how to wash a Cabbage Patch doll?  Of course!  I followed this article almost to a tee.

Heather and Lisa both received Tide Free and Gentle baths in the tub::

Then I borrowed a bit of gal babes’ baby shampoo for their hair.  Picture way prego lady bent over tub snort laughing as Heather “consoles” Lisa during the shampooing::And then hangs them over the shower curtain rod to dry::While the girls were hanging for dear life drying I washed their clothes.  Lisa’s outfit was original, but Heather’s was obviously something I threw on her at some point and was outrageously large for her.  I did some ebay searching and think I’ll probably order a real Cabbage Patch outfit, but in the meantime she borrowed a newborn onesie from gal babes.  It is still overly large, but looks a smidge better.

After finger combing through their yarn hair, Heather and Lisa now have new ribbons and joined the waiting for gal babes bandwagon::Yea, throw your hands in the air!  I cannot wait to introduce them to her.  It’s funny, I never really thought about passing down Heather and Lisa to my future daughter until Kerry and I stumbled upon them.  Now, I’m ecstatic about it.  I love that they have battle play wounds from twenty-four years ago and cannot wait to see them drug around the house again.  Heather’s butt tag read’s “Heather’s,” but I have a feeling that pretty soon a pretty little girl by the name of gal babes is going to be crossing that off.  And I’m totally okay with that!

p.s. Heather and Lisa were Cabbage Patch original names.  No, I didn’t name my first doll after myself intentionally.  Apparently my parents spent hours searching for one named Heather for me and found her in Carpentersville, IL in 1986.


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