thirty four weeks::feathers n' ruffles.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well, top of the morning to ya thirty-four weeks!  Ah, we are almost down to a one handed week countdown people ::six weeks before gal babes is due to arrive::.  I for one am holding that second thumb up for as long as I can because she is sneaking up on us like [insert favorite cat chasing mouse reference here].So, feeling a smidge under the gun, Kerry and I gleefully spent a few hours pursuing the www for an outfit for gal babes' newborn pictures last night.  I didn't know until recently that photographers request that newborn pictures be taken prior to ten days old.  Macrole!  In my mind, I was thinking once she arrives we can see if she has hair/is a baldy, what color skin tone she has dad's/mom's, etc.  Nope, we were forced to take a shot in the dark when it came to picking out her outfit.  We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed, but here's what we decided on::Gosh, that babe is adorable.  Here's a more upclose and personal view of the headband::I am head over heels in love with the feather, bitty veil, and  lace combo going on there.  Annnnnd here are her bloomers:Kerry personally picked out the bloomers,!  He really liked the cream color, plus we figured the cream color would be pretty versatile with other outfits.

Yay for gal babes ::and checking another thing off of our to do list::.

Oh, you can find more outrageously adorable headbands here and bloomers here and if you have a source you love for everyday type bow/flower headbands!

Seriously, if only those dead presidents grew on tree branches.


  1. All babies I know from this year had theirs done at the hospital and they came out amazing. Do the hospitals in Rockford offer the same thing? Both say it was a lifesaver because they didn't have go anywhere.

  2. Hmm... I can certainly check into that! I have never heard of taking newborn photos at the hospital though. Rockford may simply be behind times. ;)

  3. It is awesome they wheel the whole cart in with the back drops and bows if you want to wrap her up an pink bow. The picture of the twins that were just born is adorable. One friend has her baby being held in their hands in black and white but the pink hair bow is done in pink. Then you can order your birth announcements right there.



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