showered by a great family.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yes, yeah for Gal Babes!  You know, we never truly intended for our daughter to become known as Gal Babes.  It started off more as a placeholder name because we're keeping her name top secret, but we've LOVED that it has stuck.  Well, just as long as she isn't eternally known as Gal Babes that is.

Anyways, Kerry and I felt so overly blessed this weekend.  On Friday evening and  Saturday we spent the majority of the time with our families.  Then Sunday afternoon they up and threw us a family gal babe shower.  It was mainly our immediate families, with a few uncles and aunts thrown in.

My grandma and aunt ::mom's side:: came to town for the occasion::Grandpa and Grandma flew in from Florida ::dad's side:: and the rest of the family::And family on Kerry's side::Okay, they'd kill me if I left it at our attempt to be funny with a  Personally, I think the is pretty durn fabulous, but here's a "better" shot::The weather was just perfect and gal babes ::read, parents:: sure got spoiled.  Stroller, car seat, adorable clothes, books, diapers, etc ... check.

We never thought about it before they were all together, but it was incredibly neat to have three great-grandmas and two grandmas present.  So thankful for our family.

Twenty-eight days people, twenty-eight days!!


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