she monster.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I always wondered how I got so lucky to stumble upon one of those fabulous friends.  You know, the kind of friend that becomes part of who you are and then when you're all grown up handcrafts monsters for your unborn children?  Yea, I'm blessed with one of those friends.  No really, my friend Corrie is pretty durn amazing and seriously handcrafted the most ridiculously adorable monster for gal babes.  So, Kerry and I had the privilege of getting to unwrap the she monster, but really she is totally gal babes.  Corrie's only instruction to gal babes was to "love me." Trust me, she'll fall head.over.heels in  love with her [just like her parents] the moment she lays eyes on her.  So without further adieu, we'd like to welcome [naming her is gal babes' job too] to the nursery...
Ahh, isn't she adorable?  Kerry and I are not ashamed to admit that we spent thirty minutes last night playing with her and introducing her to gal babes nursery.  And this  is gal babes' Boppy pillow::
And this is gal babes' Bumbo seat::
And this is gal babes' crib::
And we even had her try on gal babes' new cloth diapers::
With her adorable razor back, pudgy hands, and outrageous heart lips, we're pretty sure she and gal babes are going to be best friends::
THANK YOU Cor! If gal babes has any of her dad or mom in her ::read, obviously:: she is going to be just crazy about her!

Don't tell us that we're the only parents out there that maybe are just as  in love with  their kids' she monsters as they are!


  1. Yes, they are the BG Elementals!! We've been having fun playing with all of the snaps. ;)

  2. The 4-month-old I nanny has those, and I just love them! Matt and I had our eyes on those a long time ago for our little ones, so I'll be a pro by the time we're wrapping ours in those!



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