Monday, June 20, 2011

This weekend was a smidge laid back and wholly random.  Just the way we like it.  With the imminent arrival of gal babes we have purposely left our schedule loose to ensure plenty of mom + dad before babes time.

Sooo, this weekend we played frisbee golf for the first time::

While playing, we kept hearing a loud echoing announcer in the distance.  Sweaty, but nevertheless curious, we drove around until we found the source of the echoing.  Come to find out, Rockford played host to the BMX Nationals this year.  We plopped down in the stands and made conversation with the BMX moms around us.  A sweet mom from St. Cloud, MN gave us a synopsis of the event and clued us into all things BMX.  After pointing out her nine year old son ::who was racing::, our favorite line of the conversation was, "Sure beats the heck out of t-ball." Haha.  I don't know, I spent a lot of time covering gal babes eyes.  I don't think I could handle being a BMX mom.  Seriously, I might as well been watching a horror film as the seven year old girl racers took off on their bikes.  Anyways, to continue our random evening, upon leaving the race we happened upon this bug::

Kerry thought this was hilarious.  Has anyone seen this venturing around town too and thought the Sponge Bob/Dora/etc. was over the top fabulous?

Saturday we ventured to the University of Illinois St. Charles Horticulture Research Center to attend our first Illinois Grape Growers & Vintners Association (IGGVA) meeting.  The research center is incredibly helpful if ever interested in grape growing in Illinios.  We learned so much about our little grape babes.  Speaking of which, they've continued to grow::

We've got little bunches of grapes forming on our La Crosse variety. See them there in the center?  Oh the grape excitement!

Later Saturday evening, we hung crown molding in gal babes' nursery ::updates to come:: and spent Sunday celebrating our dads ... oh, and a random bought of geocaching too!

Thirty-eight days ::give or take a few:: until gal babes!


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