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Friday, June 10, 2011

We're back and loving it!  It has been a blast wrestling with working on the new look and feel of our blog.  Here are a few of our favorite updates to highlight.

One. Wow, it looks a smidge different!

Two. We now have different authors, so it is easier to determine who wrote each post ... instead of playing that whole he said, she said game everytime you read a post.

Three. We are now connectible to social networks.  We are debating about the dorkiness/feasibility of combining our Facebook accounts, since Kerry hardly uses his.  Thoughts on chees.e.ness or usefulness factor of a KerryandHeather fb?  Let us know.

Four. We are ecstatic to have the framework ready for Project.Gal Babes . We snagged the idea from one of our favorite blogs that we follow pretty religiously.  You can find their project here.  Isn't their gal a little cutie?  Gosh, makes us ridiculously excited for ours.  Anyways, our super sweet friends started our collection of fabric for gal babes weekly photo shoot a few weeks ago by gifting us pieces as part of a shower.  We loooove the random creation that this project is already shaping up to be.  We will have her weekly photo up under Project.Gal Babes.  If you click the photo it will take you to our new Flickr sets ::see Five::, where there is a whole set dedicated to the project.

Five.  We downloaded the flickroid app and now we're hooked.  We've loved making new sets and plan to add to them, especially because it's so durn easy to upload straight from our cameras phones.  Thank yoooou technology.  You can take a sneak peak at our Flickr sets (spokenforpress) by clicking the link under What.We're.Up.To.

Six. We would love some feedback!  Is something hard to find?  Hard to maneuver?  Hard to see? Hard to understand?  Anything else?  Let us know.

Thanks for putting up with our wonk.i.ness over the past week.  Keeping up with this blog is one of our favorite ways to document this crazy thing we call life and we love, love, LOVE  sharing it with our family and friends.  We cannot wait to introduce you to gal babes.  Heck, who are we kidding, we can't wait to introduce ourselves to gal babes!  Oh and we've already decided, her name will no longer be gal babes come late July.  Everything gal babes is changing to ... well, we'll let you know.

Thanks for joining in our adventures!


Kerry, Heather, & Gal Babes



  1. No no! Keep two facebook accounts!

  2. Before I even looked at the link for #4, I knew it'd be Clara! I love that idea and I have similar intentions once we have our own little one! Can't wait to see your little one and your project!

  3. That.is.awesome. I didn't think I personally knew any other yhl fans. ;) I can't wait to see how everything turns out. We have a few alterations to the project, but we'll see how it goes! Cannot wait to introduce her! ;) Hope you are doing well my friend.

  4. My sister-in-law got me totally addicted to YHL; we talk about the Petersiks like they are our BFF. So fun!

  5. Haha. Yesterday I hadn't gotten my yhl fix before I wrote a quick blog. I realized after that both Sherry and I used a dorky cheer reference in hopes of spurring on our agriculture endeavors. Oh boy, maybe I'm getting a smidge too influenced. ;)



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