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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A.D.E.L.E.  We're officially head.over.heels. in love.  Not in a lovey dovey way, but in a yes we will wait in a three quarter mile line, stand for three hours wedged between equally ecstatic gals and guys fifteen feet from the stage, wave to Rahm Emmanual ::who is obviously a fan:: ... at seven months pregnant kind.of.way.

All that to say, Adele's concert was awesome.  It was held at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago, which in not so many words is a dilapidated theatre built in 1917 that has awesome character, concrete floors, missing seats, and no soap in the bathrooms.  Perfect for Adele.

The stage setting was fantastic, with vintage lampshades suspended from the ceiling::

The last time we saw her she wasn't really overly popular and played at a bitty venue with a small band, no flashy lights, and her guitar.  She performed a few songs like that::

However, the majority of the time she was surrounded by a fantastically amazing six piece band, two back up singers, and yes, flashy lights::

Sorry for the short video blurbs.  a) There were sooo many people that it was hard to keep your hands videoing for any length of time without the urge to grab the shoulder next to you to steady yourself.  b)The sound is a bit spotty in the whole band snippets because of our proximity to the base, which the hubs tells me is because our ears can filter the sound, but cameras cannot.  Who knew?

Here's us mid-concert::

Oh, and for friends who became fans of Adele covertly through American Idol this year ... Haley Reinhart's rendition was pretty sweet, but it's all Adele::

Yay for fostering gal babes love for Adele in womb!  Too bad that whole labor thing didn't work out.

Now, to catch a show when she plays with Mumford & Sons. You might just need to pick us up off.the.floor.


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