Monday, May 16, 2011, yes,

When separated is actually two words:: kitchen n' vineyard.  However, this past week you might as well of rolled 'em into one big ball ::or in this case, awkward word picture:: and called it our life. When downloading the pics from the past couple of weeks it went sort of like this, "One for the kitchen folder, one for the vineyard folder, one for the chicks folder, one for the vineyard folder, one for the kitchen folder, one for the oh yeah i'm pregnant folder ..."  Are you starting to picture our big ball, err awkward word picture world?

To give you a snippet of our world of late, welcome to our laundry room kitchen::

Oh, and our office kitchen cabinets::

Needless to say we've eaten out more lately than we have our entire marriage ::okay, we haven't kept track of our entire marriage's dining out pleasures, but you get the picture::.  A quick glimpse of our debit card statement reveals the likes of Subway ::way too many times::, Chipotle, Macianos, Lung Fung, Mary's Market, Panera, R.B.I., Beef-A-Roo ... sorry I have to stop short because gal babes and I are turning green.

Baaaaaack to the real reason for the post.

We last left you with this view of the kitchen progress::

The remainder of the cabinets came in late a week ago Friday::

We finished bringing in/unwrapping/setting in place all the cabinets about 12:45AM Saturday morning, yeah tired ecstatic faces::

Then the hubs analyzed the cabinets until 1:30AM, while I tried to muster strength to seem interested at this point sat and watched.

5 1/2 hours later we enlisted the help of our dads for an all day cabinet installing extravaganza::

The progress by the end of the day::

Oh, and we have had some sweet chicks ::robins:: giving us a hand::

The hubs, being the waaaay more kitchen-esk guru, is going to continue with the nitty gritty kitchen details later this week.

In our awkward word picture way, vineyard update tomorrow.



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