kitchen reno - part 1 of 3.... or 4 or 5!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well… here it is... the kitchen process/reveal. Yes, we know that it has been a long time coming, but we hope that it was worth your wait. We can finally get out of the chaos of not having a kitchen (eating out and lots of junky food, looking all over the office for utensils, using the laundry room as the dishwashing center, and having to go out to the garage every time we needed something out of the fridge…whew!). Needless to say, getting a bowl of cereal, which is a big part of my livelihood, meant traveling back and forth to four different rooms. Anyway, here are a few glimpses of the kitchen before we started and where our kitchen was located during the process.

I am planning on making this a three part posting to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Don't worry, you aren't the only ones on the edge, as we had some baby robins right outside our deckless patio door to watch us our reno.  I will be recapping some of what Heather already posted previously, but just bear with me.

Now on to the kitchen.  Some of Heather's previous posts included the likes of these...

First, we had to take out all the cabinets and appliances to make room for the new ones.  We then put in the upper cabinets. With the help of some shims, the uppers went up fairly easily even with a big bow in the wall. The tricky part came later while installing the lowers.

After some rerouting of electricity the day before, the lower cabinets started nicely with the corner cabinet.  The two on either side went in with no problem at all.  The big issue came in trying to squeeze all the cabinets, which included a full length double oven cabinet, between the two walls.  You see, in my measurements to determine the size and types of cabinets we needed, it was going to be a snug fit.  What I didn't account for was that there was nearly a quarter inch difference between the base of the walls and the middle of the walls.  This resulted in a little bit of extra sanding as we had to take over an eighth of an inch off the spice rack base cabinet to squeeze everything in.  After some leveraging, and a little forceful kicking we completed the task at hand.  Our next task came with installing the lovely farmers sink into its base cabinet.

After careful measurement to center and allow the sink to fit into the base, we broke out the sawsall to cut away at the front of the base.  This was another small bump in the road as the sink itself did not have a true 90 degree angle from front face to top face.  This meant if we leveled the top from back to front, the bottom would stick way out.  We compensated by chipping away at the height in the front to allow the front face to  become flush with the cabinet.

After the sink base was in and set, we continued on around to the peninsula by setting the next corner cabinet, making room for the dishwasher, and placing the last cabinet on the end.


The cabinets are set in place, so stay tuned for the interesting appliance install...


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