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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I don't know about your families, but our families are total kitchen junkies.  Allow me to explain.

No matter how many chairs are set up around the house inside and out or how long we've spent dolling up festive tables for ...  ::holidays, birthday parties, summer gatherings, etc.::  ... the majority of the time everyone just stands in/leans in/sits on the back of nearby furniture facing towards the kitchen for hours on end.  Maybe it's because that is where the food is, but I really think everyone just likes to be together and the kitchen is where. it's. at.

Here's our kitchen.  Welcome.

Our kitchen has a bit of a story to it.  When we were building our house, we were blessed with an old kitchen.  Odd?  Yes. My parents had remodeled their kitchen a couple of years prior and had saved some of their cabinets and all of their appliances.  We had our dream kitchen in mind, but couldn't justify the cost at the time, so we came up with plan b.  My parents gave us everything they had kept stored and we DIY'd what we could.

First we painted all of the appliances with a liquid stainless steel.

Then we stained ::applying the same stain that Kerry used on gal babes' dresser:: the outside of the cabinets to match our floors::

After adding a few new shelves + a bit of decorating + our DIY'd-ness, here's what it has looked like for the past two years::

Our beloved old kitchen has served us well, but with our dream kitchen plan still rumbling in our hearts we've decided to move on.  Nevermind the fact that (a)our twenty year old dishwasher is rusting terribly, (b)our fifteen year old fridge has had it's bouts with dethawing randomly, and (c)we have this everyday cringe of opening our one cabinet and everything falling out at our feet.  Really, our motto with that beast is open at your own risk.

Sooo, if you were wondering why our current kitchen shots have little white dots of them, it's because we borrowed the pictures from our ad on craigslist and those items have been sold.  THANK YOU CRAIGSLIST! Yes, we posted our entire kitchen on craiglist and it sold in less that twenty-four hours.

Lest you think we are simply going to be living off of ready to eat goods for the remainder of our existence, I did forget to mention that two months ago we ordered our dream kitchen during a couple of killer sales at Menards and Sears.  Hooray! One half of our cabinets will arrive tomorrow with the other half coming next week along with our appliances.  Soo, we will have approximately eleven days without the use of anything other than a mini fridge and a microwave, but we're stoked for the challenge. 

Last night was our very last meal in our old kitchen ::tear, sort of::

Today, I stumbled upon this photo of our very first two years ago before we were even hubby & wifey ::note the fresh from the bridal shower pizza cutter package to the left::

Well thanks, if you've made it this far!  The hubs and I had so much fun documenting the evolution of gal babes' nursery that we've decided to do the same for our kitchen.  We're planning on tag team blogging again and we'd love it if you'd join us along the way.



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