i'm so glad that i'm married to...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

...a man who could moonlight as a professional painter.

This may be an overly robust statement mainly due to the fact that my ability to paint well is, well, nil.  However, can I just say I am sooo thankful that the hubs is a fantastic painter.

Last week we had some warrantied drywall fixed in our house ::translation:: there were a few cracks that drove us [me] absolutely bananas and so something had to be done.  Well, I forget that when drywall is fixed, all the pretty finish is fixed destroyed.  In my oh my heavens more painting mind all the areas looked worse not better when repaired.  That was until I waltzed into the door after work Friday afternoon to find my fabulous hubs nearly halfway done touching up all the destroyed fixed areas.  Only he knows the way to my heart :: through paint rollers not dipped by my hands.  He did an amazingly good job!  I only was able to take one action shot...

I was so giddy that I gladly picked up a paintbrush and went to work on the base trim in gal babes' nursery.  I mean, I admittedly stink at rolling, but after all the doors we painted a few weeks back, I know my way around with an angle brush. Ha.  In reality, I just figured, how bad could I really mess up Cape Honey Flower [Pittsburgh Ultra in semi-gloss] white base trim?

All in all, our Friday night paint extravaganza was a total success!

Next up, gal babes' ceiling and walls.


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